SNAPSHOTS IN THE ATTIC (Fire in Cairo / UXB 2, The Basement, The Loveless. 1986 - 2004): Sirens, The Night, Scarred,  Flying Fortress Blues, Hey Theresa, Subterranean Girl, Don't understand the world,  What town is this, Trash Culture, Losing it, Can't stop the rain, Jetplane, Yesterday's Girl, Snapshots in the attic,  Raw Ramp, Married in black, Backstage fight at the beauty contest, 15 again, Honeymoon Split, Angel of the 7th floor, Goodbye Marrakech, Who's who of nobodies, Something Else. 

JUNK SHOP ETIQUETTE (2005):  Hamburg Stomp, Hometown wedding,  Some other universe, Wanted the rose (but got the thorns), Little rose tattoo,  Amateur Hour Again, Tenterhooks, 43 hours with you,  Don't tell her you saw me, She's outta time, Alone again Saturday night, Capital T, My phoney valentine, Rock 'n' roll wedding, It's not what it was, Daddy was a beat poet, Cali in the rain, Last ever cheap thrill, Hollywood B47 (What town).

LAST NIGHT A DJ STOLE MY WIFE (2019): You're so tough, Campus Vamp, Mail order bride, 2nd best thing, Gutter to the stars, Long gone guardian angel, Your sister and me, Loser gets the girl, Just like Huck, Girlmeetsboytalksstarsignsgetluckyfirstnight, Just this one time, Saint Jude Incidentally, Can't go back home, VE Day, Barmitzvah Boy, Can't mess it up from here.

SOUNDTRACKS (2019): Revenge of the Retards, Mystery Girls on Gladys Street, Cathy Incidentally, Call me Johnny, Chip Alley Confidential, Breadhead, Lovers and strangers, The streets of her town, Fall from Grace, Lone Wolf, The Unscratchables, Ok it's over, Once and Future Girl, Ex-Tease, What it takes, School Night, Vamp Club Rules, Roadbroken, Bad and Wrong, Sleaze Town, 25/12 Blues, It's not the going but the leaving.

12TH OF NOW OR NEVER (2019): She's been around, Subterranean Girl,  It's understood, Don't understand the world, Outlaw Song, Slow Drag, Stuart Sutcliffe,  Tarot Phenomenon, I've been a bad, bad boy, God bless her little black heart, Never sleep with your friends, Live Fast Dai Young, She's a dark star, Don't Stonewall Jackson me, baby,  The future's a junkyard, Queen of the hometown fair.

All releases on Squaresville Records.