Album - Outlaw Drag (2010)

18 tracks: You're so tough, Campus vamp, It's understood, Saint Jude Incidentally, Loser gets the girl, Barmitzvah Boy, Tenterhooks, Can't go back home, Outlaw song, Mail order bride, Long gone guardian angel, Never sleep with your friends, Slow drag, Your sister and me, VE Day, Just like Huck, Gutter to the stars, Queen of the hometown fair.  All songs written, played and recorded by Paul Brindley. (P&P included)


Saint Jude Incidentally  

Track 1 - "Outlaw Drag"


Mail order bride  

Track 2 - "Outlaw Drag"


Slow drag  

Track 3 - "Outlaw Drag"


Outlaw song  

Track 5 - "Outlaw Drag"


Long gone guardian angel  

Queen of the hometown fair  

Track 9 - "Outlaw Drag"


You're so tough  

Track 12 - "Outlaw Drag"


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