Chuffed to find out the guitarist in our school band, Jim Crosbie, went on to be big in Japan and Germany in the 80s with Burnt Out Stars.  He did a runner before our one and only gig and we had to draft in another guitarist on the day.  A couple of years later I walked through Wolves vs Sheffield Wednesday fans to audition for his band at The Molineux Hotel but lost out cos I had a Jap bass in a bin-liner and the other guy had decent gear.  That didn't stop him and singer Geoff Southall helping me out for my solo Poor Man's Boz Scaggs recordings a few years later.  Oh yeah and the band's manager was wrestler Kendo Nagasaki, who I got to see with his mask off.



Solo gig at Stumble Inn Sunday April 1st.  Started off intending to play songs from DJ but things degenerated into something just as valid due to audience participation, a run though of Hanoi Rocks, T Rex and Stray Cats songs.  Excellent performances from New Roots and The Guvnors too. 

The short-story collection 'Exile on Watling Street and other stories' will be available in March.  The album

'Last Night a DJ stole my wife' will be available in the same month.  In the meantime there is a collection of videos available for perusal on You Tube under the name 'The Dive Bar 5'.  Happy days.


Playing a solo gig at The Brewood Music Festival, Sunday July 17th, 2.30ish.  All albums now complete: the radio one 'The 12th of Now or Never', The Basement Tapes style 'Outlaw Drag' and the covers one 'Ex Jukebox 45s'. Time to get busy.

It's been very quiet on here recently - no solo gigs (plenty of band ones) but lots of work behind the scenes.  A new album, 'The 12th of Now or Never', will be out in the New Year and I'm close to finishing a covers album called 'Ex-Jukebox 45's', which will feature songs by Flesh for Lulu, Mink de Ville, Prince and Loudon Wainwright (among others).

Newhampton Arts Centre gig went really well. I must admit to some nerves beforehand at the thought of being alone on a rock 'n' roll stage with just a Telecaster and a Princeton but they went with the first chord (F maj 9th like you care less). Set was 'Mail order bride', 'You're so tough', 'Just like Huck', The Only ones song 'Another Girl, Another Planet', 'Never sleep with your friends', 'Can't go back home', 'Subterranean Girl' and The Replacements cover 'Left of the Dial'. I can go anywhere with this. I've also drawn a line under the album 'Outlaw Drag' so everything's ready to roll.


Playing a solo gig this Saturday April 5th at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton supporting The Wild Flowers and Of Kings and Captains, just me and a Telecaster but still rocking out. Rehearsals are going ok though I've fallen out with myself a couple of times.  Finished album on Wednesday, split into two sides, the Radio Side and the Garage Side. Finally nailed 'Stuart Sutcliffe' and 'Mail order bride'. Both can be heard on Soundcloud.


Had an absolute ball (maybe too much of a ball) at the Brewood Blues Fest 23rd June. Played a solo set in the acoustic tent and enjoyed the vibe and the bands: Laurence Jones, Steve Ajao Blues Giants (particularly), Steve Gibbons, Brothers Groove, Peaky Blinders feat. Brian Travers and The Hidden with drummer out of Only Ones, Mike Kellie. Plenty of guys who've done bigger things just enjoying getting in front of an audience in a village in Staffs.  Check out my cover of 'Waitress in the sky' in the video section.

Been busy gigging - Solo, Loveless and depping - and with about 150 songs fighting for headspace you can lose focus.  Now back in rock 'n' roll hermit mode, writing songs and working on covers album a la Bowie's Pin-Ups.  Early days but contenders include songs by Prince, Flesh for Lulu, Carpenters, T Rex, Paul Jones,Velvets, Loudon Wainwright and The Shirelles. It's broadened out from its original title of 'PB does the 60's girl groups'.  Disposability's the keyword - get them out on the internet as soon as they're done.


Sad to hear about the death of Reg Presley of The Troggs, the guys who gave us 'I can't control myself',  'The Troggs Tapes' ('Sprinkle some fairy dust on the bastard' - 'No, you pranny') and that video of them stuffed into those striped suits trying not to PJ Proby their trousers.

The best tribute I can pay is to recall a conversation I had with a spinsterish PE teacher a while back.  She said she didn't see bands but The Troggs came to her training college one time. I asked her what was Reg like.

'He oozed sex,' she said, and blushed.

Ah, the old boy worked his magic on her.


Woke up Monday morning with a strange feeling of tension, which turned out to be a couple of songs coming through.  Wrote and recorded them within a couple of days, first take with microphones placed somewhere in the vicinity.  The drumming takes after that Troggs guy who fell asleep near the end of 'Wild Thing' ('I carn't hear it, Reg').  I've got a feeling one might be really good and the other might be rubbish.  Both have been uploaded to the jukebox on 'Music' page in their current sketchy state.


Busy Christmas, 4 gigs in 6 days, like a real chicken-in-the-basket entertainer.  Cracker at The Bridge, Brewood, with Jase on mandolin, slide and rumbling amp.  Revived 'Hey, Theresa', 'Sub Girl', 'Don't understand the world', single currently available for $25 in LA.

Good solo gig in Stafford.  In that spirit have recorded acoustic EP, considering releasing as a free download.  Meanwhile chasing down last mavericks in the music business to get this stuff heard more widely.

The novel has been reworked and renamed 'Live Fast Dai Young'.  A new extract appears on the site.



Hi, it's been a while but that's how it goes when you're busy on songs. I've been finishing off the book, now 90,000 words and recording 16 songs to go with it at Mark Billett's studios, as well as recording new songs to add to the 'Outlaw Drag' album.

Should be releasing all this stuff soon and appearing in public, probably acoustic with Jason Bate at Brewood Music Festival in July and maybe in some capacity at Middle of Nowhere in June.

Watch this site for increased activity.



Just uploaded "Live fast Dai Young" on the jukebox, one title from the soundtrack of "Call me Johnny". You'll find it on the Music page, scroll down to the last track.


Been busy for the last few months working on a novel and an album to accompany it.

The book, "Call me Johnny", is set in Cardiff in 1979. The eponymous 'hero', a bulletproof and adrift 20 year-old with a Johnny Thunders fixation, is keen to cross the Rubicon and meet some people who actually come from the city. He gets way more than he bargained for.
Then of course I had to write some songs to go with it, starting the writing from scratch in early Feb and finishing the recording in March. One month for the lot. Halfway through the recording I learned that Steve Earle is planning a similar double release which made me get a move on. The songs have echoes of Television, Blondie and early Rod Stewart.

Excerpts from the novel and songs from the album will be available on the website.


See you soon



Completed the album 'Outlaw Drag' with new songs Mail order bride, Slow Drag, Barmitzvah Boy and Outlaw Song added to the likes of Saint Jude Incidentally. It's dragged on but the problem was always getting enough fast songs to balance out the slowies. Anyway, all the recording gear's gone off to Cambridge to be serviced so I definitely have to draw a line under it.

There's also a Loveless album with Mick and Dean of one rehearsal-one take-one overdub recordings coming out, live in a spare bedroom, drums and everything. Might put it out under a different name to avoid being confused with Scandinavian metal bands and Japanese rockabilly dudes. The Loveless played Brewood Music Festival in July which was the last gig with Jase on guitar. He'll be playing on the Drag promotional duties though. Good to see Morg, Basement guitarist, at Brewood.

Talking of which (whom?) I was tempted to put Flying Fortress Blues by The Basement on the Current Top Ten, which is all songs from the Eighties (actually eleven of them), just to show that not all Eighties music was synthesised-sampled-young guns-howard jones-DX7-Linn Drum-true blue-yuppie-spandau ballet-keyboard horns that sound like toy trumpets- crap. Thankyouverymuch. Check out the new songs on the juke-box!



Wrote a bunch of new songs in May and managed to record them all before the month was out.
Titles include; 'Outlaw song', a response to the death of Alex Chilton; 'Slow drag', about the sexy dance in blues clubs; 'Barmitzah boy', a rambunctious romp.
I also reworked some previous stuff: 'Your sister and me', 'Mail order bride', 'Gutter to the stars'. There's also a Big Star third album type of song called 'Miracle legion'.
The tracks that work will be added to some of the existing stuff (e.g. 'You're so tough') on an album called 'Outlaw Drag'.
Live, we played some Clash songs down at The Stumble Inn, Cannock during Rock Week and did a tag version of 'Stairway to Heaven' with Ed of the Reluctant Heroes on drums and occasional vocals, as well as a performance of 'Green Onions' with Jake Henry as Booker T.
On Friday June 11th The Loveless played outside The Swan in Stafford. It went down rather well.
Al si thee




Dug out some old Loveless stuff which hangs together like a coherent, garagey album. Found a version of a song called 'Stuart Sutcliffe' which knocks my recent attempts to record a song of the same name into touch.

Played a rally at Oxford late March with Mick and Dean. Good set (2 ½ hours) and got to our tent (!) at 2:00. Woke up at 4 with another bloke lying beside us, a bit worse for wear. We went through this closing-credits-of-the-Flintstones routine with him for a  while but finally managed to send him packing.

Sad to hear of the death of Alex Chilton who I saw in London with Big Star (Posies line up). He didn't really crack his face that night but what great songs (see latest top ten)




All  snowed up. It's hard to get anywhere so I've been busy recording 2 impromptu videos and some new songs. I've hit on a recording technique that's made some songs I've struggled to get down before come to life.

Looks like the album could end up about 18 tracks. I'm shooting for a London Calling, River, Exiles on Main St. vibe. Then it's break-out time!



Before the Beatles burst upon the scene the charts were dominated by insipid manufactured acts, many under the tutelage of Larry Parnes, people like Vince Eager, Johnny Gentle and Tommy Slightly-Dodgy (I made the last one up).

The Fab Four blew all that out of the water and the bands who followed were generally expected to write their own material and be independent in spirit, an attitude that flourished through the 60's and 70's and survives, just, to this day.

Now I didn't see Paul McCartney perform on the X-Factor on Sunday but Mary Whitehouse-like, that's not going to stop me commenting on it. I'm presuming that at the end of his spot he didn't pull out a gun a la Sid Vicious and do everyone a favour. Just by being there he's endorsed the efforts of that High Priest of Banality, Simon Cowell, to roll back all the advances made since Elvis walked into Sun Studios.

Thanks Paul. It's not like you needed the money but you helped to pull the ladder up. Anyway I'm hoping that you'll now go to the way all Cowell hopefuls and disappear after a year.



Just got back from 2 jaunts: Rouen and Le Havre in France and New York and Jersey Shore in USA. Took in Springsteen gig at Giants Stadium which was simultaneously awe-inspiring and intimate. Best crowd surfing by a 60 year old I've ever seen.

Also inspired by Chuck Prophett in Leicester. The band was hot and Chuck had it all.

Playing the Bull in Stafford October 17th and a field near Oxford on 23rd. Album finally done and dusted.

Being seeing ya soon.



Still been finishing off in the studio but got out to play live at the Bank Holiday weekend; Saturday night got up with mega-talented Jake Henry at Joxer Brady's (Stafford) to do a few, Sunday played with Dean, Jase and Mick outside the Swan and then went on Prince-style to the Grapes for some after hours jamming with Derek Holt of the Climax Blues Band. A regular tour of Stafford. Highlights of the Swan gig were "What town is this?"  and "You're so tough" along with a three-part harmony version of "Dead Flowers". Great sound by Del of Hazzard and the rain held off.  

"You're so tough" played at half time at Walsall football club, inspiring second-half collapse by the home side against Leeds. Forget Little Steven's Underground Garage, this is the big time.

Recordings include a new version of "Stuart Sutcliffe" plus one called "Mail order bride" with the drums miked up in the authentic Glyn Johns way by Mark Billett at his place out in the sticks. Should see the lighta day soon.

Sad to hear of deaths of Les Paul, Mink de Ville and Jim Dickinson, producer who worked with the Stones, Replacements and Green on Red. "Pleased to meet you" and "Here comes the snakes" which he produced for the latter two are two of my favourite albums.

Dean, the bass player, just back from Jamaica where he sang a raga version of "No woman, no cry" in front of Bob Marley's casket. I'm heading out to France and New York in September myself.
See you soon




Cabin fever strikes again! Haven't updated for a while but been busy behind the scenes. Some results of are now available on the music page, a rough mix of a new song called 'From the gutter to the stars' , a reworking of 'Long gone guardian angel' , a cover of 'Baby it's you' and a garage version of The Loveless song 'Trash Culture' recently dug up.

Things have been quiet on the US and local fronts; apparently 'You're so tough' should be out in the States soon but "these things move slowly" (I'm told!).
The next gig is at The Swan in Stafford at the end of August! I'm ready for some action before then, though. I did manage to get out and catch a couple of gigs recently: The Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Robin 2 and Lenny Kravitz at Wolverhampton Civic. The T birds breathed new life into the idea of white guys playing the blues and Len just tore the roof off.

Best wishes to Dave Morgan-Williams, guitarist with the Basement and The Loveless Mk I, who has been in hospital recently. Get out of there soon, man. You can catch him in action on the recently added YouTube video The Loveless - Subterranean Girl .

Back soon



Played a Brewood Music Festival spin-off gig at Bishops Wood Feb 27th (Dean bass, Jase guitar, Mick drums, Del sound) which was pretty well-attended despite the seven quid admission fee. 'You're so tough', 'Campus Vamp' and 'Trash Culture' sounded particularly good, along with a rip through 'Pump it up'. Good night all round, and the guitars stayed mostly in tune.

Recently hit the town with Dave Atherton (Wildflowers, The Emperor Machine) and ended up playing a few songs in a Stafford pub: 'Another girl, another planet', 'Hometown blues', 'The outdoor type'. Can't say the audience seemed too familiar with the songs but hey-ho there you go.

Done some first-thought-best-thought recording lately, some acoustic songs and some electric stuff using my Glyn Johns-divided-by-three drum recording technique (i.e. using one mike). It's early days yet but I'm working towards something.

Listening to a lot of Cramps since Lux Interior's death. You gotta check out 'Rockin Bones' (Psychedelic Jungle) now that the rock'n'roll daddy has a-done passed on.

I've got to namecheck Superunknown and the Neal Cook-Wilflowers myspace page.

Back soon, Paul



Thanks for checking the site. I've finally finished the album 'Last night a DJ stole my wife'. Actually I thought I had before Xmas but a couple of new songs came bursting out and I had to put them on. One's an accoustic song called 'Long gone guardian angel' in which I used my foot on the floor as the bass drum sound and the other's a primitive rock-out called 'Rock'n'roll wedding', which is as close to a spontaneous, first-take song as you can get. (this features one strategically-placed microphone on the whole drum kit).

'You're so tough' should be coming out in the USA on a Wicked Cool Records compilation of radio-show Goldie's garage imminently. In the meantime you can check out Johnny Tardelli, Elmore Green and Duane Stonewall Jackson on the video of the song. Go to the 'videos' page of this site.

Some of the song from 'Last night a DJ stole my wife' will be featured at a Loveless gig on 27th February in Bishops Wood, Staffordshire (off Watling Street).
Mick and I turned up at a jam night in Bridgtown on the 10th and joined in on spontaneous half-known versions of 'Won't get fooled again', 'Shang a hang' and 'I fought the law'. It's art-in-the-raw, man!

Hope to post a video feature called 'This month's cover' on this site soon, and subsequently monthly. Might also do occasional features of individual songs from the album.

Enjoy, give me some feedback, and if you're solo or in a band, share some news!



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