Exile on Watling St

Paul Brindley, a rock’n’roll singer-songwriter from the West Midlands, sings and plays guitar with The Loveless, a band who have enjoyed play on Radio 1 & 2 as well as national reviews, now appearing at a biker rally near you.

The group’s last recordings were made in 2004, a one night box-bedroom jam that became the album ‘Like I Sez’, the follow-up to the pro-studio recorded ‘Dandy’s Walk’ (1993).  In the absence of any desire on the part of the band to work on original material he has been recording songs on his own, garnering radio play in America for stuff cut in on 8-track reel to reel.  Albums include ‘Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife’, ‘Seven Track Shack’, ‘Outlaw Drag’, soundtracks to accompany the novels ‘Left of the Bridge’, ‘Exile on Watling Street’ and ‘Eighties’, and a compilation of material recorded alone and with The Loveless and The Basement, ‘Back Story 2019-1989’.

Over 7 weeks in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020 he wrote, played, recorded, mixed and mastered a new 10-track album entitled ‘The 12th of Now or Never’.  Sample tracks will be available soon.

As of March 2020 he has been working on a Covid19 Lockdown album to be titled ‘All Locked Down’. 
He cites Johnny Thunders, Shane McGowan, Eddie Cochran, Paul Westerberg, Joe Strummer and late 70’s Springsteen as influences

‘All the songs here are good, even great in part’
(Jon Slater)

‘At the Wulfrun Hall, Paul Brindley set standards that the others found impossible to live up to. Campus Vamp and 15 Again stood out as songs that just cried out to be listened to.’
(Catherine Withers)

‘The ringing guitars, husky vocals and a sound that echoes the beat guitar glories of some ghost or other make for frequent full volume play. My favourite material of the year.’
(Mike Davies)

 ‘You’re so tough’ featured on American radio show ‘Goldie’s Garage’ a spin-off of Little Steven’s popular ‘Underground Garage’. The show is syndicated coast to coast. At the moment he is promoting ‘Last Night a DJ stole my wife’.  There are echoes of  ‘Exile on Main St’, ‘London Calling’ and The Replacements’ ‘Let it Be’ in its couldn’t-make-it-perfect-if-I-wanted-to quality.  

Check out material on this site or the many videos available on You Tube under the names ‘Brindleyberg’ and ‘The Dive Bar 5’.