From “Last night a DJ stole my wife” album
Lyrics & music by Paul Brindley

Saint Jude incidentally

A gang of angels came in from the coast
They leave you looking like you’ve seen a ghost
They like the waitress, wanna take her home
But Greta Garbo wants to be alone
Same old story, every one night stand
There’s always someone wants to strike down the band

   Well allright, let’s hit those chords, same old nine or ten
   Let’s get back upon the boards and rip it up again

You’re all strung out, your hair’s a mess
I’m trying hard not to look impressed
I feel OK, I just look like hell
I’m having fun though you wouldn’t tell
Some girl downstairs wants to read my mind
I’ll be right back it won’t take too much time

   Well alright, let’s hit those chords, same old nine or ten
   Let’s get back upon the boards and rip it up again

Two weeks gone I’m all torn and frayed
Feel like my lucky star has started to fade

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Long gone guardian angel

She saw her favourite band and got backstage
Dreams of a pirate three times her age (Johnny Depp)
She’s walking back from school with her best friend
Praying I won’t show her up again
But now she’s vanishing before my eyes
As that daydream slips on by

   I don’t know if she knows or cares
   But I am a fifteen year no-show
   I’m the long gone guardian angel
   Who never saw her grow

He’s making all those mistakes I made
Playing a band cos that might get him laid
He’s into something I don’t understand
Just to get one over his old man
But he’s not round here running riot
And that bedroom’s much too quiet

   While I’m still lying about my age
   Their birthdays come and go
   I’m the long gone guardian angel
   Who never saw them grow

Wild and deluded and full of pride
But soft as hell on the inside
They could wind me up any time they chose
Tell me I’m not going out in those clothes
But while they’re getting on with their lives
I’m still hovering around outside

   I’m the long gone guardian angel

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Campus Vamp

Miss Amanda Jones teaches in the local school
She lives alone, no one really thinks she’s cool
She’s marking time before the bell rings at a quarter to 4
She can free her mind as the last kid walks through the door

She was the campus vamp, a big fan of the New York Dolls
A real raw ramp, a rock’n’roll gangster’s moll

I see her still, black eyes, vermillion smile
She was dressed to kill, we spent a night out on the tiles
I missed my break, wrecked on some Australian wine
It was hard to take that there wouldn’t be a second time

Seems that all that talk wasn’t quite her style
If you couldn’t walk that walk you’d better run a mile

Those years were great but one summer it fell apart
We all went straight, tried and failed to make a brand new start
It’s not so tough, I ain’t been broke since I don’t know when
I’d give it up to be back inside her room again

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VE Day

Stayed up all night under different stars
Dreamed of being back in my favourite bar
Could get connected if I was back there
A Times Square hooker who’d act as if she cared
Got no more missions now that’s yesterday’s news
Say goodbye to flying fortress blues
In a crowd you can feel alone
On VE Day I wish I was back home

I never met those Italian girls
Got to act like a man of the world
Never really saw a German town
I was always far too high above the ground
No one prayed when I faced that flak
And Betty Grable never did write back
I got used to being on my own
On VE Day I wish I was back home

An English girl dressed up so fine
We shared a smoke but we were just killing time
I walked her home what else could I do
Just like a dream I was drifting through
I wanna hear a jumpin’ band tonight
Get pretty loaded and feel alright
Feel like my heart has turned to stone
On VE Day I wish I was back home

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Loser gets the girl

Showed up at your birthday bash feeling under-dressed
First time you saw me, honey, you weren’t too impressed
Propped up against the wall, trying not to hurl
But sometimes the loser gets the girl

That actress that you read about couldn’t take hard times
Jumped off the final letter of the Hollywood sign
You must have almost felt like that to cut those golden curls

You never think about the stars along the walk of fame
Fifty thousand waitresses, no one knew their names

Every little ambition crashes down so hard
Came home one day to find you crying in the yard
You could have quit a thousand times and blamed it on the world
But sometimes the loser gets the girl

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You’re so tough

You crashed that party by the cellar door
Looked like something from the Dogs d’Amour
Lots of second-hand jewellery, all studs and rings
Looking kinda slutty but that’s no bad thing

You shook me up, I won’t ever be the same
Honey, you’re so tough there’s no need to explain

I could see it coming just like an auto wreck
You took me outside and bit my neck
Back through the Arboretum you got almost too much
Now I’m back at yours stranded four flights up

I knew you’d make me jealous, though I had a ball
Forty-one hours later I’m back out in the hall