Random stuff

Fender Champ amp (1969) 
Park LE Vintage 20
Fender Princeton
Orville & Gibson Les Paul Juniors
Martin D35
Danelectro U2
Rickenbacker 12
Vox Continental Organ
Yamaha piano
Carl Martin Red Repeat Echo
Durham Zia Rhythm Drive
Tascam 38 reel to reel, DP01
Mackie Desk
Durham Sex Drive Pedal
AKG D112 Mike 
Japanese Squier Bass
Pearl drum kit 

Alternative CV

After returning to Midlands from South Wales PB puts ad in ‘Express and Star’, ends up joining ex UXB (‘Crazy Today’) members Col Bennett and Mick Turner, first gig Wolverhampton Arches Club (‘if ever I’ve seen a band that’s gonna get bottled off it’s yow lot’).  Single ‘Sirens’  produced and promoted by Little Winston.

Joins The Basement on the sly (Dave Morgan-Williams, Jon Punter, Graham Warrilow),  Winston-instigated single ‘The Night’ played on Radio One (1987). ‘Stuff your job I’m going to be a full-time musician’.  

Graham leaves, Mick drafted in, along with Billy Morris on 12-string.  Now The Loveless.  With three guitars first gig takes the roof off Stafford College.  Single ‘Hey Theresa’ (b/w Subterranean Girl and Don’t Understand the World, produced by Dave Atherton, ‘fresh’ from LA sessions with Faith no More producer Matt Wallace) receives national radio play in 1990.

What’s really happening in Britain wears flares and talks with a Mancunian accent, Loveless Mark 1 splits up.  Dean Bartlett (bass) replaces three people, joins Paul and Mick.  Single ‘What town is this’ stirs interest in US.  Album ‘Dandy’s Walk’, some riotous nights, including one literally shit-kicking gig at Harper Adams Agricultural College, Shropshire.

Rise of Britpop coincides with a fall in the fortunes of a band raised on Faces, Replacements, Johnny Thunders.  Dean leaves, Wayne Clayton then Mark Kendrick step up on bass, on Dean’s return band start to play like they’ve just discovered fire again.  Record made-up-on-the-spot album, ‘Seven Track Shack’.

Still struggling for any kind of breakthrough band play biker rallies and cover gigs, Paul records on his own cos no one else can be arsed with original stuff.  ‘You’re so tough’, written, played and recorded in a box bedroom by PB, receives national radio play in States thanks to ex Goldie and the Gingerbreads’ Genya Ravan.  Albums ‘Junk Shop Etiquette’, ‘Last Night a DJ Stole my Wife’, ‘Left of the Bridge’, ‘Ex Jukebox 45’s’, ’12th of Now or Never’, ‘Watling Street’ follow. 

Currently independent, fairly busy, wouldn’t be averse to a leg-up.